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Fashion Show Trends ~ Autumn/Winter, 2019/2020

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This year, besides traditional fall colors, fashion outfits are mostly dark, somber colors like black, with quite a number of bright outfits as an exception. Coat lines tend to be longer, while pants can range from full length to a bit shorter than full length. Tops like shirts and sweaters can range from normal length to longer. Besides pant combinations we see plenty of dress combinations. Outfits can be either clean or expressive or a combination of the two, as well as often an use of different materials in an outfit. Outfits tend to be either all dark or bright while there can be variation within those color groups within the outfit. Outfits can either have patterns, be solid colors, or a combination of both.

Featured Fashion Shows

Michael Kors | Fall/Winter 2019/20 | NYFW

Source: Fashion Feed

Malìparmi | Fall/Winter 2019/20| Milan Fashion Week

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